Mobile first.

Advanced technology.

Simple solutions.

By leveraging a mobile-first digital platform, we enable our clients to meet their users wherever they are. Combining daily microlearning with the habit forming actions found in both learning apps and social media platforms, we are able to deliver curated learning in an engaging manner

We’re able to do so by utilizing key features within our app, such as interactive content, social learning, gamification, leaderboards, and more.

Informative dashboards add an element of competition to the platform, engaging users through gamification.

Social features allow community based learning where peers and managers alike can share their stories and insights.

Learnings are grounded in daily actions that help embed teachings via day-to-day experiences.

  • It helped tremendously! Even though the asks were small, it helped develop the behaviors needed to be successful

  • It forced me to redirect my regular habits to ones that would provide immediate impact, and as a result, created much needed dialogue

  • It allowed me to interact, share and read thoughts and best practices with my peers

  • The 1st90 App provided me with a sense of connectedness knowing my peers were also on it on a daily basis.